Chartering the Kiwanis Club of Meriden

The organizational meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Meriden was held on February 24, 1930. The following officers were elected:

  • President – Carl M. Diefenbach
  • Vice President – Albert Flatow
  • Secretary – Charles Z. Swisher
  • Treasurer – Hugh C. Morgan

District Trustee – Francis B. Howes
Directors – Claude M. Bradford, Louis A. Johns, Warren J. Packer, Allan D. Shirley, Lewis J. Somers, and Stanley B. White.

Walter E. Harmon of Portland, Maine, the New England representative of Kiwanis International instituted the new local Kiwanis Club at the Cabin Grill on March 3, 1930. The objects of Kiwanis International, which remain the same today, were read and explained to the new members. The regular meetings of the Club were held each Monday afternoon at 12:15 PM at the Cabin Grill on State Street.

The following committees were then formed:

  • Kiwanis Education
  • Finance Committee
  • Publicity and Music
  • International Club Relations
  • Underprivileged Children and Vocational Guidance
  • Laws and Registration
  • Goodwill and Grievance
  • Public Affairs and Agriculture
  • House, Reception and Attendance.

The formal presentation of the charter to the Kiwanis Club of Meriden was held on Monday evening, May 12, 1930, at 7:30 PM, at the Masonic Temple. The gala affair was attended by more than 200 for the banquet and program.
Charter Members were:

  • Claude M. Bradford
  • Edward B. Chalmers
  • Morris C. Chase
  • Carl M. Diefenback
  • Albert Flatow
  • A. Irving Green
  • George H. Hill
  • Francis B. Howes
  • Louis A. Johns
  • Saul D. Leades
  • Francis S. Lippitt
  • Hugh C. Morgan
  • John F. Molloy
  • Warren J. Packer
  • David W. Parke
  • Sheldon S. Roby
  • Selig Schwartz
  • Allen D. Shirley
  • Lewis J. Somers
  • William H. Stippich
  • Charles Z. Swisher
  • Edward L. Van Ry
  • Philip M. White
  • Stanley B. White
  • Edwin B. Wilkinson